Treat your health to a foot massage

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Treat your health to a foot massage

Foot massage originated in China thousands of years ago, and is also known today as sole massage or reflexology. The idea is that every organ in the body is linked to a particular point on the sole of the foot, and concentrating on the foot can alleviate pain in any part of the body.

The therapeutic benefits of foot and calf massages are a result of stimulation of the nerve endings on the sole the principle behind shoe insoles with those protruding dots.

A foot massage starts with cleansing the feet with a warm infusion of herbs and fragrances to make the skin softer and to relax the muscles of the foot. Next, a lubricating solution is applied and the therapist begins to apply a range of strokes and pressures to the various points on the soles.

All in all, a foot massage is an amazing experience, and therapists are well-trained in this ancient art so why wait when you can feel the relaxation of a great foot massage today.
It is your health. Take care of it!

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